Vagabond Mini Lithium battery

Buy? Sell? or Trade?? That.... is the question?

During a recent meeting of the Student Nashville Fashion Alliance at Nossi College of Art, I found out that my favorite light is for sale. Well, one of them... The Quadra Ranger by Elinchrom. Now the question is should I trade one light for another even though its the same company???

I have a D-lite 4 strobe by Elinchrom (retail $406.99) that really just sits because I really just rely on my Elinchrom ELB400 and Quadra Ranger packs. Both packs are stand-alone because they have their own power source. The D-lite 4 which is my "studio light" needs a power source.

Now, here's the kicker. I have a Paul C Buff mini Vagabond (retail 239.99)  that IS it's own power supply. So now the question is, Why are you trying to get rid of it? You already have a third light? What's the big deal? The big deal is this... The D-lite 4 and the Quadra Ranger are both the exact same power. The both push 400w (joules). Both can be triggered by the Elinchrom EL-Skyport HS transmitter. Both are identical in functionality, but the Quadra can be controlled from the remote control to adjust the power. That function can't be controlled from the D-lite 4. You have to walk over to the light, adjust the power settings, and return to your spot. So now you're thinking "Yea, big deal right?" Well, when you're on location shooting with a client. that is a big deal. This saves you time and stress. Who know's what the client or athlete in my case is thinking. 

Now the Buy sell or Trade part of this. The Quadra pack is 400.00 bucks, here's proof. 

Now, this sale applies to students enrolled in the Photo Video program with . That's the only way to get it at that price. The so called street price is what is the price everywhere else. Oh yeah, I forgot, it also comes with a free transmitter. Which I wouldn't mind having, Anyway, going back to this... Option A,. Buy this and have another light.... Option B., Sell the D-Lite 4 which isn't holding up much is the trade in value, but I could get a couple of bucks on Craigslist for it. Since, most of the time you see some cheap stuff on there. Option C, trade or sell in the Vagabond Mini and the D-Lite 4 to balance out the price of the whole thing. 

I've spent since Wednesday thinking about this.. The good thing is that the sale doesn't expire till the end of the year. The bad thing is having to deal with the extra weight and not having a carry case for all three. Maybe I should just do that? Get a case to fit all my lights in. Damn, first world problems right? I'm going to have to think about this a bit more. Because, like asking a lady if she's wants to pick a restaurant and is un-decisive and what she's craving.... so am I.