Elinchrom Living Light set

Quadra heads are designed to be very portable and very durable. These heads have their own bayonnet system and require the Quadra reflector adapter to use the full range of Elinchrom accessories. I use this as a fill light  sometimes as a main but since I don't have the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II I just use it as is. The catch about this is you have to use Elinchrom accessories. The rods for the umbrella is specific to the company equipment. Its is what it is

                                                        Elinchrom ELB 400

 I love this piece. This was my first real lighting purchase. I had done research for kits to do hypersync/high speed sync work as a requirement. Why? because I want to be able to have it and not need it vs. need it and not have it. There were other options available for triggers such as PocketWizards, Phottix and many others. Some do offer High sync some don't, I was to have the option of being able to shoot in High Sync. The ELB 400 has plenty of controls on it from rear curtain sync, delayed sync and many more delightful options. I'll do a review soon on this for those that may be interested.


                                                  Elinchrom Skyport HS

I started using this transmitter as a trial to see if I was going to actually keep it. I had bought it and was planning to return this after a photo shoot. Once I discovered a few capabilities of this trigger I was sold. It has the ability to control your ELB400 and Quadra Ranger pack lighting individually or at the same time.  The ability to shoot High sync (shoot at speeds higher then X-sync factor on your DSLR). I can shoot with a shallow depth of field (F2.8) and not be affected by the excess light that a normal strobe would have problems with. This allows me to Freeze Motion, Overpower the Sun, Darken the Background, use a Wider Aperture. I have 100% control over the light I create and not held back by anything else but myself.