Manfrotto 190 Tripod

I bought the 190XPRO3 with Oben BE-126 head. It's a moderate weight tripod which allows very quick change in configuration and mounting of my Canon 5D Mark III. Speed is improved by 3 section legs, quick lock levers on the legs, and the incredibly quick centre column switching for horizontal use. Overall these features make setup a snap. Legs can be set at a number of angles, allowing you to get right down to the ground. Very stable and rigid. 
Rubber cover on the top sections of two legs for comfort when using in very cold tempertures. The Oben BE-126 head provides very quick mounting/dismounting with a safety latch that minimizes the chance of accidental release of your camera, without interfering with attachment. Using my Oben BE-126 head with my camera, (Canon 70-200L Version I with battery grip) it stays exactly where it should - no droop or slip Pano movement and levels are standard. When I have my interviews, I run my Canon 60D with a Rode DSLR mic, I can easily set and go finish up and  on to the next one. I looked at a lot of tripods and changed my mind several times before buying this one. Not disappointed at all. Would purchase again

                                             Manfrotto 5001B Nano light stand

This is a multi-use nightstand. Yes it is an extremely light but you can take this guy with you everywhere with out it being an inconvenience. I place this in front pouch of my rolling bag and u never get any issues from TSA of any sorts. Since I have a speed light available I can set up a one light set up in a moments notice. I use my Manfrotto 175F-1 Justin clamp which is also a super tool. I mount an LED mount on this to conduct my interviews. I can set up and tear down super quick and easy. My Elinchrom lights have super light weight heads. I can mount a light with my Westcott beauty dish for a quick shoot. I absolutely love this light stand and will end up purchasing another in the near future.

                            Manfrotto  175F Justin Spring Clamp with flash shoe

This is my first Spring Clamp that I've bought, because it's a great tool for shooting with off-camera LED or flash on location. I use with a speed light for a fill or an LED for interviews.   In a sense, one Justin clamp can substitute for a lightstand, a micro ballhead, and a cold shoe, since you can attach a number of them to one light stand if you're short on stands (provided that you weight the stand sufficiently with sand bags or something similar) If you have to, you can mount a umbrella through this and clamp it down with the "jaws or life" on your camera stand. With the micro ball head is an excellent piece to own. You won't regret this purchase.

                                              Think tank  Airport International V2

The absolute best investment I've made!!! I had a camera backpack to hold my gear but I needed something to really hold my gear well. I wanted it to be mobile but easy to move from location to location. This Thinktank is a freaking TANK!  I have been everywhere with this. I have it packed to the brim. I have 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses, PocketWizards, Rodemic DSLR microphone, a camcorder, an LED light and thats not even counting what I have in my zipper pockets. This bag is a carry on with as much crap as I put in that bag, I'm surprised that I haven't been kicked off. I did pay a pretty price for that bag but every penny is SOOOOoooooooo worth it.

Think tank Production Master 40

I absolutely love this bag from Thinktank. I recently bought this roller bag to replace my first roller bag. It huge and I have plenty of options to customize my case to do what I have to do. I use this case specifically for my lighting gear. I've managed to place all of my lighting equipment in this case. I have two medium light stands and my Rotalux modifier in the same area which sold me off the back. I have my Elinchrom packs in the case along with other modifiers, extension cords and much more. It's thick its tough its sturdy, an it's all I'm just happy that I was able;e to replace my previous bag that I really had to get rid of. The think tank production Master 40 even came with a a rain cover to protect the case of the elements. I have absolutely no complaints about this animal. I have a small blog about the case in my blogs area of my website.