My work made it on Muscular Development (IFBB Santi Aragon)

I went down to film and do a photoshoot with IFBB Classic Physique Santi Aragon and I did one with Carlos Aragon who is also competing in the at the Arnold Classic 2018.

Both gentlemen were looking phenomenal shape. It was an honor to be able to shoot and film both competitors. 

I'm honored to have my work featured on a site like that.



Uploaded by Muscular Development Magazine on 2018-02-24.

Shooting with "El Flacko" Edward Alvarez

Friday July 16 2017

A bright and early drive down to Armor Gym in Knoxville TN. Got up and drove down to Knoxville gym. The drive was somewhat pleasant despite the bad driving abilities from other Tennessean drivers that early in the morning. 

I had met IFBB pro Edward Alvarez in Charlotte NC. earlier in the year during the Europa Charlotte in April. The meeting was quite brief and he really liked my contest coverage images that I had been taking. I had a chance to meet him again at the Europa Dallas show. We exchanged  contact information and discussed a possible photoshoot sometime in the future. He had seen my work off Instagram and wanted to shoot. We never had a place set yet but he knew he wanted to do the photoshoot for sure. After the Chicago pro at the end of June, Edward was set on doing the shoot. He wanted to come to TN to do the shoot but since he was located in Charlotte N.C. I didn't want him to have to come all the way to Nashville. I did some research, found a gym in Knoxville. I chose to use Armor Gym since I knew there was plenty of space and equipment. Friday morning myself my son and my friend Cindy all drove down in Cindy's car to Knoxville for the shoot.

Once we got down to the gym, I spoke to the manager of the gym, asked what the procedures were to set up the gym. He was very nice and easy to work with. I was allowed to use the facilities and was very happy that I chose his gym to shoot with, so was I.

I met up with Edward a few mins later. I spoke for a bit, started setting up my gear and on we started

During the shoot, Cindy was nice enough to grab some photos from her Cell phone and snapped away while I worked. I asked her if she wanted to grab my small camcorder to video some of the session. She picked up the camera and shot away. Edward and I shot for about 2 hours while he actually worked out. He managed to get every major body part worked out. Once the shoot was done, I had him pick out one image to send him so he could post. Once he did, I did some quick photo retouching and sent it to him. Once I got home I finished looking at all the images. I still have to send him the images in small res so he can finish picking out his favorites. He was very happy with the images that he saw out of the camera. He mentioned that it was the first of my more to come. it makes me happy to know that my clients are happy with their images.

IFBB Guy Cisternino posing for the first time since the Phototoxicity

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino poses at the Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic. The show was located at the Cannon Center in Memphis Tennessee. Guy took some time off after the New York Pro who had Phototoxicity (skin response resembles an exaggerated sunburn). After a month off from the gym with nothing but cardio, he was convicted by IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson to pose at his show.

Mdozaphotography presents Carbing up with... 212 IFBB Pro Gabe Cortez

212 IFBB Pro Gabe Cortez who competed at the Europa Dallas Pro in June, is having his last set of Carbs before he goes to bed. Gabe Cortez won 1st place in the middle weight class at the 2015 NPC USA,  earning his IFBB pro card. He invited us to his house in Fate Texas just outside Dallas Texas. I have a quick chat with him on Carb choices, secret sauces, and his trophy room.