Arnold Classic Weekend aka '"Work-end"

The weekend of the Arnold Classic was a great but stupid busy weekend.

Arriving on Wednesday afternoon... I ditched school to try and catch up with some other fellow  photographers. I didn't get to and found the boss.. checked into the room.. picked up the Press passes and went back to the room.  Just prepped for the weekend,  getting all my SD cards ready.

The following day, Thursday morning, I took off and went to Sam's club 20 mins away to get a few prints made. one for the gym owner of the Grandview gym, one for Michael (@this_is_bodybuilding) and the last one for William Bonac. I rushed back after i picked up the frames for the photos.  I spent it shooting the ladies figure, physique, bikini, and fitness. After shooting the whole day, I still had to organized the images...booo.. I chose to go to the Meet ands Greet an hour after i finished shooting. I was able to give Bonac his photo which I was able to get a photo of later on. 

Friday morning I shot the fellas who were competing. I not only shot but I was able to record some of it as well. Recording and shooting was a bit different but fun. I like a challenge and it was definitely was a challenge. Same thing after i finished shooting the guys I had to separate the images again even though the boss said "he" was going to separate the images. That went well... ha!.. Having to separate the images can be such a pain in the ass. Sometimes, he wants more images sometimes he wants less... You never know with that guy. 

Saturday, I left the room early as hell because I had a shoot with a competitor who was in the finals. I arrived to the gym at 600 am. Set up shop, shot and tore down by 730ish. The client paid for the it had to be quick but efficient. Once I got back tot he room i had to take a quick shower and head over to the expo to set up my stuff for the finals. I did get a small chance to walk around a bit prior to the event starting. Again, I shot and recorded the events. I figured if I can't sell it, then I can market it for myself. Show the promoters that I can multitask. I was able to complete the task but I did realize one good fact.. I NEED ROOM. I have tot have the room to operate. I need to figure out other ways to make myself more marketable to the companies. 

Sunday,.. Sunday was the worst day but best at the same time.. Physically I was feeling like shit! I didn't eat much the day before. why?! because i was working most of the night, i was tired hungry and there was nothing that I could find to eat. When we went to the expo, I shot did paparazzi images but i was dehydrated. I drank some Bang drinks and ProSupps stuff.. that just made me feel worse. I couldn't find anyone that had water. It was great that I was meeting all these people but at the same time it was blah... Making great contacts and deals with Protan on creating a video for them with IFBB Alex Rivera. By the time we finished walking around i felt so nauseous. When we got back to the room, I went to the bathroom to try and throw up but I just couldn't. I stuck my finger down my throat but nothing at all. I drank some water to hydrate myself. We left a few moments later to eat across the street at some "ritzy" restaurant called Jeff Ruby's Steak house. This place had a dress code, luckily, we looked half way decent. We got sat down and the prices of this place was just NUTS. Just to show how nuts this place was... the "small salad" was 13 dollars.. my steak was the "Cowboy steak" which was 69 dollars for a dry aged 22 oz ribeye. As hungry as I was I ATE everything... for prices like that you better be licking the plate. I felt so much better after I finished all my food. No room for dessert what so ever.. We headed out and went back to the room. I finished up my work..

Monday, finally left but I was able to go back to the store called World of Photography. This place is like a museum that you can buy the stuff they have available. Hasselblad bodies and lenses.. Like I really wanted to buy one just to have. I ended up finding a wonderful little treasure. I found a Sennheiser Evolution EW100 G2 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter. Found this guy for 200 bucks. It wasn't the complete kit but it was enough for me to get the proper use out of it. It works with all my cameras so I'm good to go. Afterwards I took of and headed back to TN.  Long story short.. busy ass weekend.